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Jazz & Blues Florida June 2020 Issue - A Non-Issue


As with any business, Jazz & Blues Florida cannot operate with expenses only. With major music events in Florida cancelling as far out as November, no margins from online shows for artists to afford promotion, limited capacity in venues, and uncertainty about the social fabric of our country holding together, there is not a place for Jazz & Blues Florida to extract a slice from the cash-flow in a manner that provides value to our clients and meets our operating needs. Rather than spend the business – and 14 years of hard work – out of existence, we are putting our monthly magazine in cover-only mode starting now. Our website will be re-vamped to reduce operating costs and to see if it is feasible to include online shows in listings. Our email and blog services will continue as requested by clients, and the social media will be as active as can be afforded. We will continue to operate in this manner until either the scene turns around or until we can no longer even afford to operate at this level. We'll keep you posted. Good will prevail, but not without the active support of good people.
Charles Boyer, Owner/Publisher
Hope Jason, Art Director/Editor

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